Modernisation Activities
The Computer division was established in 1988 to assist in the modernisation programmes of the library. It started with a Mini Computer- HP 3000. MINISIS, a RDBMS software was installed for bibliographic control activities.
In 2001 the library switched over to a client-server environment with SUN E450 as the server. At present a Campus Wide Network is being developed with 98 HP Pentium III PCs as nodes.


The Computer Division


The scanning and archiving or rare and brittle books and other documents are under way. English books and documents published before 1900 and Indian publications of pre-1920 are considered for digitisation. So far 9140 selected books in Indian and English languages have already been scanned—a total of over 3,20,000 pages.

Some of the Notable Titles Already Archived on CDs are

Documents of East India Company, e.g. Report of the Proceedings of the East India Company in regard to the Production of Cotton Wool (1788) 

Bengal Selection of Records (1826)

Prabasi, a journal in Bengali

Land Settlement Reports

Earliest book archived on CD is entitled:

The Fam’d Romance Rendered into English by Charles Cotterell (1667)



Les voyages de Jean Struys en Moscovie (1720)

Calcutta Monthly Magazine (1797)

Arunodoi (a monthly magazine in Assamese) (1846, 1853, and 1856-8)

Pothi Bhai Valam, in Punjabi (1891)

        A Few of the Scanned Pages 


 Illustration in Basumati: B.S. 1333, a Bengali Journal

 One of the Monochrome Illustrations

Part of a Page from Prabasi


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