There are different types of membership.



Membership: There are three types of members:

 1. Reading Room Member

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 2. Lending Member

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 3. Daily Card Member

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Reading Membership


The library has separate reading rooms in all the four buildings. Apart from these, each Indian and foreign language division, Foreign Official Documents, Rare books, Maps and Prints, Science and Technology division, and Asutosh Collection are divisions that provide reading facilities. Special seats are provided to accredited scholars in the Main Reading Room.
Any person above 18 years can use the reading rooms. An applicant needs to fill a prescribed form with a recommendation. Annual Membership is free.
A reader wanting to use the library for a day or two may ask for a daily membership card at the Reading Room. No formal membership is needed for the children to use the Children’s Library.

The Main Reading Room



Lending Services

Local Membership

A limited number of books are lent out to readers under certain terms and conditions. To make use of this facility one has to become the member of the Lending division, applying on a prescribed lending form. Two books can be borrowed at a time for a period of 14 days, which can be extended for another 14 days either by phone, or by post or by personal visit. Membership of the Lending division is free, but the borrower has to deposit the amount equal to one and half time of the price of the book. A fine of Re.1/- is charged per book per day for late return. When the borrower wishes to cancel the membership, he/she gets back the money, through a cheque, without any deduction.


Outstation Membership

Outstation mambers can borrow the books through post. The lending rules of local membership apply to outstation memberships. But postal charges both ways are to be borne by the borrower. The books are sent by V.P.P. for postal charges and the borrower is expected to send them back by registered post only. Books are lent out for a period of 21 days, which can be extended for another 21 days.


Inter Library Loan

Selected libraries of the country and abroad may borrow the books from the National Library through the inter library loan facility. Four books are lent out for a period of 21 days for Indian libraries and two months for foreign libraries. Both ways postage is to be borne by the borrowing library.



Bibliographic Services

Research scholars, Government agencies, universities and national level institutions may make use of this facility. Selected lists of reading materials or bibliographies are prepared by the library on request. Special bibliographies are prepared to augment the exhibitions, which the National Library holds. Compilation of exhaustive bibliographies on special topics are under way. The library provides bibliographies and / or bibliographic statistics to national and international organisations. The library provides support to the Central Reference Library, Kolkata, in compiling the Indian National Bibliography.


Reprographic Services

Members of both the reading room and lending division may use reprographic facilities against payment. The photocopies, microfilms and microfilms printout / photocopy will be provided within the limits of the International Copyrights Act.




Services for Children


The National Library has a separate division for children. Equipped with books in English, Indian and a few foreign languages, the division provides children with reading material for information and fun.

No formal membership is required to use this section. Any child can enter the Children’s Library, sign in a register and use the books. Books from the Children’s Library are not lent out. At present the Children’s Library hold about 28,000 books and many periodicals.

Copy of DSC03154 

A Part of the Children’s Library

Training and Guidance

The library provides training and guidance in conservation of library materials and in modernisation activities of the libraries to different institutions on request. Regular courses are conducted in the National Library premises and in different parts of India to impart knowledge in these fields. A separate Training HRD division was formed in 2010 to plan and co-ordinate training programmes and monitor staff development needs.

A Seminar Organised by the National Library at Guwahati, Assam


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